How to Use Different Font Styles on Instagram

Now you can change fonts in the IG Stories, you can do it both from the official app or third party apps.

Adding different font styles on Instagram is simple. Unfortunately Instagram does not allow you to type directly with different fonts but the good news is that it recognizes different fonts and displays them as they should. This can be done via our site. All the fonts that are available here, can be copied and pasted on your insta stories, private messages or posts and once you publish or send them they will be delivered in the style you pasted and not converted to the standard font, the same old font that you are bored of using and seeing.

Our site makes it easier for you to write your desired text, highlight the generated style and copy it. Pasting the copied text on Instagram App is a breeze and luckily for us it reproduces the same style without any problem in the bio, the description of the photo or video or in comments.

However Please note that if your contacts have not updated or cannot update to the latest version of Instagram, or they use an Older version of Android Operating or iOs they will not see the different font in your story nor any other place. Instead of the fancy fonts they will see question marks or squared boxes.