How To Change Instagram Fonts

Did you know that you can use different fonts on Instagram to make your captions, bio, and stories more visually appealing and unique? While Instagram offers a limited selection of fonts to choose from, there are several ways you can use different fonts on the platform.

There are a few ways you can use different fonts on Instagram:

Use a third-party app or website.


One of the easiest ways to use different fonts on Instagram is by using a third-party app or website. These apps and websites like usually have an extensive selection of font styles and sizes you can choose from, making it easy to find something that fits your aesthetic and style.

Moreover, many apps offer a simple copy-and-paste feature, so you don’t have to worry about manual typing. All in all, utilizing a third-party app or website is one of the quickest and most efficient methods to get different fonts on Instagram.

When using a third-party app, it is important to be aware that some of the more complex fonts may not get displayed correctly on Instagram.

Also, double-check any text before posting on Instagram to ensure that all the characters have been properly copied and pasted. Lastly, be mindful of any third-party app or website you use and ensure it is reputable and safe before entering your personal information.

Use Unicode characters.


Unicode characters make it easy to express yourself on Instagram. They are the perfect way to create a unique profile by giving your Bio, captions, and comments a personal touch. With Unicode characters, you can add accents to make your words stand out more or insert symbols that give your post an extra dimension of meaning. You can also combine multiple Unicode characters for more complex designs. Unicode is fun, creative, and versatile – so have some fun with it!

Instagram also allows you to embed fonts in posts using HTML tags such as <em> or <strong>. This feature comes in handy when emphasizing certain text parts or creating visually appealing quotes. To use embedded fonts, you need to know the exact font name and add it as a parameter in the HTML tag. Your Insta story or post will display as you intended!


Use Instagram’s built-in formatting options.


One of the easiest ways to use different fonts on Instagram is by taking advantage of the formatting options built into the platform. To start, you can change the size and weight of your text from within your post’s caption box or comment section. Highlight the text you want to adjust, then select one of the available font sizes by tapping “Aa” in the top-right corner of the form field. You can choose between bold and italic options to further customize your text.

In addition, Instagram allows you to create special blocks of colored text through its Highlight feature. To utilize this option, tap “Highlight” above a post’s caption box or comment section and select a color for your highlighted block. It’s a great way to draw attention to specific pieces of text and make them stand out from the rest.



Using different fonts on Instagram is a great way to add more visual appeal and uniqueness to your stories, posts, and captions. Make your bio or caption stand out with a unique font, or add some personality to your comments through Unicode characters. The options are truly limitless when it comes to expressing yourself through fonts on Instagram. So go ahead and get creative – the possibilities are endless!

How to use animated fonts to your Instagram Stories

Defaults fonts are sometimes boring and you cannot be creative by using them. But there’s always something hidden that can make the difference. Have you ever thought about animated fonts that can be used on your Instagram Stories?

This is the next level of decoration that you can use to make your Instagram Stories look cooler and different from the usual ones. For sure you can use different other options like GIFs, stickers, filters etc to edit your Story post but you will have this other alternative as well. So let me show you step by step how you can step up your Instagram Story game.

Once you open your instagram profile click on the story icon just like you do every time you post a new story. Choose a picture that you would like to post and then click on the sticker icon on top. We all have used this section to add GIFs, stickers etc to our Instagram Stories. On the same section you can choose to add animated fonts to your posts so you can create different texts and be as much creative as you want with your stories. You just need to type the name of the animated font on the search bar and then you can choose the ones that you like the most. You can find some of the options below:


Animafont is an eye catching bold font with some stylish decorations. It is one of the most readable fonts but still is an animated one. It may be the perfect choice to write a city name or something that you would like to be very visible and with a powerful message.


Carnelevare is another animated font that you can use on your story posts. This animated font consist on lowercase and uppercase display of each letter of the alphabet. Using this animated font you can be sure that your story viewers will stop for more seconds to see your story since it is really and eye catching font. And it has a pretty good legibility. It may be perfect for some city nights photos.


This colourful animated font is really cool and illustrated with different animals as alphabet letters. Unfortunately not all letters can be replaced by this funny display and in this case some letters are missing.


Fire alphabet

This type of font is very basic but still it can be very appealing. Your text will be on fire just as the name of font completed with an animated flame effect. It is suitable for different kinds of story post.



Aakkoset is the perfect font to be used  if you wish someone a happy birthday using Instagram Stories. It has a strong party atmosphere. Even the characters appear to be designed like colorful, alphabetical birthday candles.



This font has letters that gleam as they oscillate, making it ideal for sensual usage.

How to Post Story on Instagram from Mac

Traditionally Instagram was available only as a mobile app. You could use it on your iOS, Android or Windows Phone device and that was it, there was no web version or desktop app version for many years.

However with the rise of Whatsapp and other messaging Apps, some web or desktop versions of those apps started appearing. Namely,, etc. and so did

Now you can access instagram from the Web. As of right now from the web version of whatsapp you can:

1 – Post a story
2 – Post a photo(not video)
3 – Comment on Posts
4 – Like a post
5 – Send DM (before it was available only through plugins or via mobile browser).

As  you can see it is a bit limited but still it’s better than before, if you want to unlock 100% of the features however you must use the app version from your mobile device.

How to get started?

  1. Open
  2. Chose a Login method. Either enter your username/password or log in via Facebook.
  3. Once you are in you will see your feed and once you click your profile you will see a plus icon where you can add your story photo.

How to Unblock Someone on Instagram

Out of many privacy features that Instagram has added over the years in order to improve the experience and tighten the privacy of its users, the block/unblock feature  is one of the most widely used. It keeps the stalkers away and sometimes blocking the option for someone to message you gives you peace of mind.

There are cases however that you made the Block decision too soon and afterwards judged it not so rational.
Instagram knows that you don’t mean to break up with people indefinitely so they added the unblock feature too, so you can re-welcome the people you blocked, back to your inbox(and possibly life).

In this article we will show you how to Unblock someone you previously blocked on instagram.

Step 1.

Open your instagram profile by clicking lower right icon of your profile.

Step 2.
Tap on the settings (3 bars or dots) on the top right of your screen and a menu will popup.
Click on SETTINGS.

Step 3.
Look through the list of options and click Privacy once you are on privacy you will see a lot of options like options for Story, Tags, Account privacy and Blocked Accounts.

Step 4.
Click on Blocked Accounts to see the list of people you have blocked.
Tap on the name/photo of the blocked person.

This will open their profile and instead of the Regular Old “Follow” button you will see a button which reads “Unblock”.
Tap the Unblock button and it will ask you to confirm if you want to unblock or not.


How Much time do you spend on Instagram?

We all procrastinate from time to time.
Social networks are a perfect distraction from the daily routines.
We can’t help opening Instagram randomly during the day and start scrolling infinitely.

It is called The Infinite Scroll. And it is a design practice of many popular Apps, a design trend which Twitter started and many others adopted.

Ever wondered how much time you actually spend on Instagram?
In case you did not know, instagram has a feature which can be enabled that calculates the time you spend on instagram. It will show you a weekly bar chart of the hours you spend.

How do proceed?

Step 1.

Open your Instagram Profile. Then Click on the top right Menu(3 strips).

Step 2.

After clicking the top right menu. You will see a menu pop up from the bottom.|
Click Settings.

Step 3.

Tap on “Your Activity”  the second item on the menu but it might be on a different order on your Instagram version.

And you will be meet with how much time you spend on instagram on a daily average.
As you can see from description it shows you the average time you spend using instagram on that particular device. Note however that if you use instagram from the web ( desktop or the browser of your mobile phone) or from a second device it will not show that activity. It shows only the usage on the current device that you are using it from.

Another extra useful little feature of this section is the ability to set a Daily Usage Reminder.
Instagram is a bit addictive with its infinite scroll and mixture of content.

So if you are known for losing track of time while on instagram. You can set e Usage reminder of let’s say 1 hour. And once you have used instagram for 1 hour it will show you a notice that your daily usage limit has been met. It is just a notification, it does not limit your access to the app.


How to Use Different Font Styles on Instagram

Now you can change fonts in the IG Stories, you can do it both from the official app or third party apps.

Adding different font styles on Instagram is simple. Unfortunately Instagram does not allow you to type directly with different fonts but the good news is that it recognizes different fonts and displays them as they should. This can be done via our site. All the fonts that are available here, can be copied and pasted on your insta stories, private messages or posts and once you publish or send them they will be delivered in the style you pasted and not converted to the standard font, the same old font that you are bored of using and seeing.

Our site makes it easier for you to write your desired text, highlight the generated style and copy it. Pasting the copied text on Instagram App is a breeze and luckily for us it reproduces the same style without any problem in the bio, the description of the photo or video or in comments.

However Please note that if your contacts have not updated or cannot update to the latest version of Instagram, or they use an Older version of Android Operating or iOs they will not see the different font in your story nor any other place. Instead of the fancy fonts they will see question marks or squared boxes.

Instagram Fonts Generator

Styled text will appear here.

Instagram Fonts Generator is a website created and designed with much love by us. It is a very simple concept and quite easy to use.
You have probably seen those fancy Instagram bio texts. They come in Italic, Courier New, Bold Letter, Classic Fonts or Fonts mixed with cool symbols or Emojis, we have them all here. After manually gathering many supported fonts and styles we decided to include them here.

How it Works
Simply enter or paste the text you want in the first box, to convert into beautiful letters, whether it is a short quote or your name, and we will convert it into fancy letters. Right after your finish typing or pasting your text below the first box you will see a list of styles for the text you entered. These copy and paste fonts can be included in your instagram post, bio-s comments and messages too.

If you browsed all proposed styles and are still unsure, when you go the the last one, you will see a button that reads “More Fonts”. Tap that button and it will generate a set or other styles so you will have more fancy fonts to chose from, for your instagram post or bio.